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Business Meeting
Business Meeting

Strategy & Planning

Setting your future direction



Strategy is about shaping the long-term future. It's about asking the right questions, at the right time, and using the answers to build a plan. It sounds simple, but it can be one of the trickiest parts of running a small business. Exactly what you want from strategic planning will be unique to your business, and will change over time. Good planning will leave you feeling confident that you're on the right track. It should also help you set some markers along the way, so that you can measure progress. 



Business planning is about shaping the next 6-12-24 months. It's about taking cues from the long-term strategic plan, and combining them with recent business information (qualitative and quantitative) to deliver the practical steps the business will take to move forward. 

A little of both

We offer a wide variety of strategic and business planning options that are designed to specifically meet your needs. In our first conversation, we'll uncover together exactly where you are right now, and what your immediate goals are. We can then make sure that we're planning an approach together that will meet your objectives, in timescales that are meaningful. ​

Some of the ways we support clients include: 

  • Half day or full day strategic planning workshops. We set a little homework ahead of the event, and then use the time together to create a high level strategic plan. 

  • Three to five day strategic planning retreats. If you're looking for a really deep-dive into your business, we can plan and facilitate longer workshops that let you focus on all areas of your strategic plan. 

  • Business plan preparation. We can help review and audit the business, and working with you build a sustainable plan for the shorter-term. 

  • Financial planing. We can review and audit recent financial history, and help build a financial plan for the future. 

  • Budget preparation. Using the information in the business and financial plans, we can help you prepare monthly and/or quarterly budgets for the period of the business plan. 

By the very nature of strategic planning, your requirements will be unique to your business. Let's schedule a first conversation to uncover the best way for us to support you. 

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