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Kirsty Mooney.jpg

Kirsty Mooney

Rock Pool

I could write loads of things that James helped our business achieve in the time he has been working with us: increase turnover, simple strategic business plan, new marketing strategy, but to put it simply James is the best investment we have made within our business. If you are thinking about using him - stop thinking about it.... just do it.

Simon Mead.jpg

Simon Mead

Cambridge Wireless

I had the pleasure of hiring and working with Dana while I was MD at Widgit. We were in a period of change and really needed somebody who could hit the ground running and help us make sense of our product, our market and subsequently how to sell our services. Dana was that person - professional, passionate and incredibly hard working. I wouldn't hesitate to work with Dana again and hope that one day I will.

Nick Wright.jpg

Nick Wright

OD Expert

James is by far one of the most inspiring people and leaders I have had the privilege to work with in many years. He is a radical, creative, strategic thinker who is able and willing not only to think outside of the proverbial box but outside of the building altogether! He is humble and courageous, relational and results-driven. He is a positive risk-taker, innovative and willing to experiment with new ideas to achieve the best possible outcome. James has boundless energy, a fantastic sense of humour and is a genuine pleasure to work with.

Andy Carvell.jpg

Andy Carvell


I've known James since we were both at Warwick Business School together; I was impressed back then with his contribution to the MBA program and his extensive experience building and leading teams, alongside his management and financial accounting acumen.

It was therefore James that I turned to for help with my own business, a small consultancy firm that had just completed its first financial year. We thought we needed help with our sales process and asked James if he'd be willing to provide some on-site training on this topic. While we certainly did benefit from the Consultative Sales training James provided, he was delivering value from the moment he arrived across a broader range of topics. James helped us to derive more insight into our company finances, helped us think through our company growth strategy, international expansion plans, and much more, in addition to thoroughly levelling-up our sales approach. My co-founder and other team members were instantly impressed with James and grateful for the clarity, precision and deep experience that he brought to our company. We look forward to working with James again in the future as we continue to grow.

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